Belly binding Service

t is believed that all postnatal and pregnant mothers worry about the change of their body shape.

The hormone secretion gets abdominal muscles and bones become soft to accommodate childbirth, a loose abdomen after childbirth is usually common.

Our professional belly binding service are provided by experienced chiropractors and belly binding practitioners. They check and correct the spine and pelvis to ensure that it is suitable for belly binding and use the natural therapies prevalent from Southeast Asia to restore the health of postpartum mothers and to take care of the uterus and enhance stool evacuation at the same time. Belly binding also helps to reshape the waist and hips to bring back mothers’ physical beauty without hindering breastfeeding.

Why do new mothers need postpartum belly binding?

After pregnancy and childbirth, the abdominal muscles are not strong enough to support themselves, which makes it difficult for the internal organs to return to the right position, and is difficult to expel belly wind, resulting in bloating and sagging of the belly.

After delivery, the body’s metabolism slows down, the blood and vital energy are insufficient, and the intestinal tract is not sufficiently peristaltic; constipation means metabolic waste and belly wind cannot be discharged smoothly and causes a pot belly (temporary obesity).

On the other hand, during delivery, the pelvic bone and pubic bone will open as much as possible so that the fetus can slide out. However, for many women after childbirth, qi and blood are deficient, causing the bad body circulation. Which slows down the repair of the sagging uterus, pelvic bone displacement, and the restoration of the pubic bone position.

Postpartum belly binding and abdominal massage are both essential. Special aromatherapy massage oil can help to opens the meridians, warm the peritoneum, remove edema, and relieve tension. With the unique massage technique, it promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism, helps to expel belly wind. Moreover, it promotes intestinal peristalsis, the discharge the stools, the recovery of abdominal muscles. The abdominal belt tightens and strengthens the abdomen and hip muscles, repairs the pelvic bone and pubic bone; it can also prevent problems in the perineum.

Benefits of postpartum abdominal (uterus and ovaries) repair

Promotes the recovery of the uterus and the excretion of postpartum vaginal discharge.

Reduces postpartum retention of urine. In pregnancy and the prolongation of labor, bladder tension decreased especially the second stage of labor, the bottom of the bladder is compressed by the fetal head for a long time, forming edema and blocking the urethra. Bladder tension is temporarily lost after delivery.

Relaxation massage stimulates local blood circulation, increase metabolism, and accelerate the absorption and excretion of pathological products, which is conducive to promoting the decompression of the bladder and urethra, thus easing urination, and reducing the occurrence of incontinence.

Postpartum relaxation massage reduces postpartum bleeding and persistent postpartum vaginal discharge as the main cause of postpartum bleeding is weak contraction of the uterus. To improve weak contraction of the uterus is to massage the uterus so it stops the bleeding and promote contraction of the uterus, and to help the uterus recover faster and better.

Abdominal (uterine) massage raises the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation and excretion of stools. It can also mobilize the vital energy to promote ovulation and overall coordination of the female reproductive system, secrete hormones to participate in physiological function regulating the balance of the endocrine system. It then would contribute to menopause delay and slow down aging It can promote the flow of qi and blood, improve the symptoms of gynecological inflammation and menstrual disorders such as cold and dysmenorrhea etc.

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Belly binding Q & A:

A: Before belly binding, we will first use a lot of massage to help blood circulation to relieve edema, stomach gas, pushing and pressing the belly, etc. It will slim the body after days, but the fat cannot be tied away. Then we use the authentic belly binding method to help mothers to push the rectus abdominis muscle and internal organs back to the right position.

Belly binding and massage with natural oils can tighten the belly and make it healthy and thin both inside and outside!

A: Belly binding helps to restore the rectus abdominis muscle and internal organs back to their normal position. If combined with appropriate postnatal exercises to help the rectus abdominis muscle regain strength, the body will be able to return to state before pregnancy efficiently.

A: In belly binding, natural massage oil will be used to help pushing out the excess toxins, fluids, and gases in the body. Then we use pure cotton belly band to wrap 360 degrees around the waist, abdomen, and buttocks. The binding needed to be in place, for 8 hours per day. However, you are free to move, eat, take care of the baby, or go to work.

A: 3-4 weeks after delivery, you can start to tie your belly. For cesarean section, you must wait for 6-8 weeks before you can have your belly tied. This is because Caesarean section involves wounds, and the deep skin and surface skin must be completely healed before the belly binding.

A: Generally, a belly binding treatment is done for 5 consecutive days, 2 days’ rest, and then 5 days until the treatment is completed.

A: Generally, belly bandage is done for 10-15 consecutive days and 8 hours per day. It is usually possible to eat normally, but it is difficult to eat very much.

A: Of course, belly binding can help to restore the pelvis and hip joints to the right position, but it is also necessary to enhance the strength of the hip and thigh muscles so that the muscles are strong enough to maintain the pelvis in the right position.

A: Of course not! Belly binding does not affect breastfeeding.

A: Generally, belly binding treatment ranges from 10 days to 15 days. It depends on the mother’s physical condition and whether she has had babies before or belly binding treatment before. Improvements are obvious in 3 to 5 days if this is your first child. It is normally 6-8 hours per day.

A: The massage stimulates the peristalsis of the colon, which may increase the frequency of farting or going to the bathroom.

After reading the above Q & A, you should have a preliminary understanding of belly binding, right?

I hope this can help mothers to relieve some of their concerns about belly binding.
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Procedure of Belly binding Service

1. Preliminary examination

The belly binding instructor will check mothers and then conduct an initial physical examination
(including the position of the uterus and pelvis, the position of the internal organs, urinary and fecal problems, the repair of the belly and thighs, etc.)

2.Restorative massage

Choose the appropriate massage oil for the mother, give restorative massage to promote intestinal peristalsis and restoration, so that the uterus is restored to the right position, and stools removed. Massage the belly and buttocks to remove excess water and relieve edema. This makes the belly and buttocks firmer.

3. Binding belly with belly band

The masseuses will use the ancient belly band to tie the belly for the mother.

4. Check and adjust

Check mothers’ movements after the belly binding and adjust the band.