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Our core values and our Group have always been adhered to and committed to provide services with care and love.

The Group’s core values :
1. Provide the best one-stop postnatal care services
2. Build a high quality service team to provide mothers-to-be with the right companions, prolactinist and Belly binding specialists
3. Constantly improving service quality with positive attitude, good leadership and management
4. Keep abreast of time and provide professional care for mothers and newborns in all aspects
5. Keep on learning, optimizing and improving our services, accompany mothers and grow with newborns
6. Provide onging education courses for practitioners in the postnatal care industry
7. Provide postnatal care center and high-end postnantal care services

Members of Baby Love Group

Baby Love (After Birth Services) Center

Baby Love (After Birth Services) Center provides a wide range of postnatal services to our customers, including postnatal care nurses, prolactinist and belly binding.We provides one-stop postnatal care services, combining maternity check-up center, postnatal nurses, postpartum nourishment meals, maternity photography, maternal and infant photography, maternal and infant insurance services, lactagogue services, and belly binding services according to mothers’ preferences all of which are services that address their needs. Trully saving mothers from worries and to provide professional services to customers.

Baby Love (After Birth Services) Center is a licensed holder of the Employment Agency in Hong Kong.

Baby Love International Postnatal Care Center

We specialize in providing comprehensive services for pregnancy guidance, postpartum recovery, and confinement care.

Baby Love International Postnatal Center, in collaboration with several five-star hotels in Hong Kong, Australia, and Macau, offer confinement care services. Our registered nutritionists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners design personalized postpartum menus based on the mother's physical condition and dietary preferences, which are then prepared by the hotel's kitchen to provide the necessary nutrition for the mother during her confinement period. Along with a range of postpartum care services, we aim to ensure that mothers can sit through their confinement period with ease and joy.

During the stay, certified confinement nannies will provide round-the-clock care for mothers and babies. The service will start with a professional car service that picks up the mother and baby from the hospital and brings them to the postpartum center. A range of mother and baby services will be provided in the room, including doctor and nurse rounds, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, lactation assistance, baby massage, baby photography, mother's beauty massage, and postpartum repair.

Baby Love Group has served over 1000 families with guaranteed reputation, providing mothers and babies a safe and warm confinement journey.


The Baby Love Group cares about overseas Chinese and established Baby Love AUS in Perth, Australia in 2021 to provide door-to-door postpartum care services throughout Australia, 24 hours a day, to meet the physical and mental needs of mothers and infants.

In 2022, they partnered with the Fraser Suites Perth to establish the first postpartum care center in Australia. In early 2023, they collaborated with the Sydney Shangri-La Hotel to establish a postpartum care center, allowing more mothers to enjoy a high-end luxury postpartum experience.

Belly Binding Team

All our belly binding instructors are qualified with the TQUK Award in Postpartum Belly Massage and Treatment. The Team has a national level postpartum practitioner qualification which belongs to the authentic ancient methods and learned from local Indonesians. The Team aims to help new mothers regain their body figures back to the best shape through applying a traditional double binding approach with the support of fat burning equipment. This approach repairs the postnartum mothers with their abdominal muscles.

Lactation Team

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the ideal breastfeeding period for every mother is six months, but not every mother is able to do it successfully. That is when you need us, our company provides professional lactation services on site. Most of our lactation practitioners have professional qualifications such as Chinese Breastfeeding Instructor or TQUK Award in lactation in the UK. The service includes daily consultation for breastfeeding mothers and help them solve their problems with unique acupuncture techniques. Our lactation service not only helps mothers to have more breast milk, but also solves breast lumps, lactation, delactation, and instructs mothers on the correct breastfeeding position. The most important thing is to provide mothers and their families with the right information about breastfeeding so the family can give encouragements and supports.

Baby Love Professional Education Center

Baby Love Professional Education Center provides professional courses for parents-to-be, postpartum parents, postnatal care helpers and those who has an intention to become a postnatal care helper. Courses includes prenatal and postnatal care, infant and child care, and educational development. Our professional team consists of registered nurses, midwives, experienced postnatal care helpers, and instructors with international infant massage certificate to provide you the most professional and quality courses.

Baby Love Professional Education Center was awarded the ISO 21001:2018 Certification.

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