Lactation Stimulation Services

Have you experienced any of the following problems while breastfeeding?

Do your breasts hurt and have hard lumps?

Your baby does not like to be breastfed?

Any discomfort such as fever or breast fever?

Cracked/red/damaged/painful nipples, mastitis, insufficient milk, breast swelling, etc.

What is breastfeeding counseling?

Breastfeeding counseling is not only about lactation stimulation services, but also about understanding the details of daily life, including living habits, eating habits, breastfeeding posture, home environment, etc. Insignificant habit may t affect breastfeeding. Breast massage alone cannot solve the problem, it is very important to help mothers physically and mentally.

There are two hormones in a mother’s body that affect breastfeeding: one is prolactin, the milk hormone, and the other is oxytocin. In fact, oxytocin is secreted before and after birth to release the milk. The mother’s mood affects hormone. Stress, discomfort of mothers or environment changes can all reduce the oxytocin, that is why mothers are unbale to produce milk.

International certified lactation stimulation consultants’ features

We use authentic lactation stimulation techniques to help mothers who have difficulty in getting milk or have insufficient milk supply. All our prolactinist are professionally trained to provide professional lactation stimulation services to mothers. Our lactation stimulation specialists are trained to provide professional lactation stimulation services to mothers to help them solve problems such as breast pain, lack of milk, scanty milk, and breast blockage.

The benefits of breastfeeding

Breast milk promotes the overall physical, emotional, and intellectual development of the baby.

Breast milk is easy to absorb and digest and is the most natural and suitable food for babies with underdeveloped digestive systems. Breast milk contains antibodies, probiotics, and enzymes that are beneficial for both mother and baby:

1. Strengthens the baby’s immune system
2. Reduces the incidence of allergies, such as eczema and asthma
3. Helps prevent epilepsy seizures as the baby grows older
4. Improves baby’s cognitive development
5. Promote the recovery of the uterus
6. Produces the hormone oxytocin, which produces a sense of well-being and helps prevent mothers from getting postpartum depression
7. Lowers the body’s estrogen, reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer

From the Chinese medicine perspective, lackage of breast milk is usually due to deficiency of qi and blood, liver stagnation and qi stagnation. Our lactation stimulation therapist will use authentic massage techniques, together with lactation stimulation food therapy soup, to stimulate the increase of milk production, and to promote the flow of each breast duct to avoid milk accumulation.


$1,280/single session               $3,300/3 times

$1,280/single session
$3,300/3 times