TQUK Advanced Breastfeeding
and Lactation Course

After passing the examination, students will receive the professional qualification of TQUK Breastfeeding and Prolactinist.

Registered nurse tutor will teach practical breastfeeding techniques and breast milk knowledge.
The course is based on both theory and practice, with real-life case studies and analysis, and teaches students to understand breast milk structure and solve breastfeeding problems.

Course Content

Professional Qualifications of Lactation

Knowledge of newborn babies

Physiology of the puerperium

The structure of the human breast

Secretion of milk and production process

The benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and babies

Breastfeeding positions and Massage techniques

Common breastfeeding problems

Chinese medicine acupuncture points and theories

Breastfeeding related ingredients

Written and practical tests

Course Fee: HK$5,800
(Every Saturday and Sunday, total 16 hours, 2 days course)
Fee including $2,000 UK examination fee
Colored theory textbook and classroom props
TQUK postnatal care certificate and
Certificate from Baby Love International Education Centre
Can also apply for China Senior Lactation Teacher Certificate
After graduation, you will be given priority to join our team
We have a unique after-school follow-up class in Hong Kong, with experienced instructors to help you solve the problems of getting started with work
Date: (Now enrolling, please Whatsapp: 6552 9199 for details)
Time: 9am to 6pm
Team: Registered Nurse
Location: Room 602-i, 6/F, Lai Cheong Industrial Centre, 479 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok (3 minutes walk from Exit B1 of Lai Chi Kok Station)